Friday, March 12, 2010

Rome GA: Showing...The TEA Party Documentary Film...03/23/10

Showing...The TEA Party Documentary Film...03/23/10

The TEA Party Documentary Film
A Showing for Friends of the Constitution
Tuesday, March 23, 2010
6:30 -9:00 PM
Location: MB’s Comedy & Events
The Village Theater
836 Turner McCall Blvd.
Rome, GA 30161

$1.00 Donations Accepted

Since so many like movies, you will surely appreciate this very well made chronicle of the TEA Party Movement as it emerged on the national, political scene in 2009. This film shows the involvement of American citizens from many different backgrounds as they educated themselves, united, organized, and ultimately descended on Washington, DC for the national TEA Party protest of 2009. This film also puts to rest any misconception about the TEA Party Movement being a racist response to Barack Hussein Obama’s presidency. At the movie’s conclusion, we will speak briefly about front burner political issues, the schedule for other TEA Party events in Atlanta, how to stay connected to local happenings, and the date and time of our next local event. Concessions will be available.

Please roll up your sleeves and get involved with this movement by learning what is going on, staying informed, determining what office holders you agree the most with, and voting for them and encouraging as many other like-minded citizens as possible to do the same.

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