Thursday, February 25, 2010

Action Alert from AGR: Patient Power Alert

A special message from our partners over at American Grass Roots:

You must take action TONIGHT!


Tell White House & Congress To Start with a BLANK PAGE on Health Care Reform!

Last week Dr. Tom Price (R-GA) told Democrats and the White House that the only acceptable agenda for the health care summit is a BLANK PAGE.

We agree, so let’s get our message to them.

Send FAXES to the White House & Congress!

WITH A BLANK AGENDA, and your name.



AND SIGN YOUR NAME AT THE BOTTOM. Be sure to leave the middle of the page BLANK.

If we start sending the faxes tonight, they won’t be in their offices to turn off the machines, and will have a pile of blank pages in the morning - to understand the point: we don't want their government-run healthcare schemes!

WHITE HOUSE FAX: (202) 456.2461

A list of the House and Senate Democrats attending the summit is below, along with their fax numbers. You could also fax to their district offices.

Please sign the PETITION for the Republicans to "Stand Firm" and not make any concessions.

We have already reminded the Republicans to “Stand Firm.”


“How Wall St Destroyed Private Medicine”
By Paul Craig Roberts
At my annual check-up, my doctor handed me a sheet explaining the reasons for office fee increases for Medicare Patients. It is worth reporting at length.
Medicare fixes the prices for Medicare patients' health care. All office charges for Medicare, including office visit charges, have been set by the Federal government since 1984. In real terms (adjusted for inflation), these fixed prices are less today than they were three decades ago. [READ COLUMN & COMMENT]


Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid - 202-224-7327
Senate Majority Whip Richard Durbin - 202-228-0400
Senator Max Baucus - 202-224-9412
Senator Tom Harkin – 202-224-9369
Senator Christopher Dodd 202-224-1083
Senator Chuck Schumer - 202-228-3027
Senator Patty Murray - 202-224-0238
Senator Jay Rockefeller - 202-224-7665
Senator Kent Conrad - 202-224-7776
Senator Ron Wyden - 202-228-2717


Speaker Nancy Pelosi – 202-225-8259
House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer – 202-225-4300
House Majority Whip James Clyburn – 202-225-2313
Representative Charles Rangel - 202-226-0816
Representative Henry Waxman - 202-225-4099
Representative George Miller – 202-225-5609
Representative John Dingell – 202-226-0371
Representative Xavier Becerra – 202-225-2202
Representative Louise Slaughter - 202-225-7822
Representative Rob Andrews – 202-225-6583
Representative Jim Cooper - 202-226-1035

Friday, February 19, 2010

Tea Party the Documentary -- Full Viewing

Hey ya'll! This is the final reminder for tomorrow's Tea Party The Documentary Full Viewing. North Georgia 912 is excited! We have the opportunity to show – in full -- Tea Party – The Documentary Film. You don’t want to miss it! You will be inspired! You will be moved to act! YOU ARE THE REASON for the changes that are coming!

Join us on Saturday, February 20th @ 2:00pm
$5 donation at the door.
7090 Concourse Parkway,
Douglasville, GA

Food and Beverages will be available for purchase.
Before 3pm buffet will be $7.99

Join your fellow patriots and celebrate in the grassroots movement that is changing America!

Special Guest -- Michael Frisbee

Clinton Plotting Tea Party Counterattack

Last week, former President Clinton was rushed to the hospital in New York for an emergency heart operation. Medical experts said the procedure was “relatively routine” and predicted Clinton would make a full recovery and be back to his regular schedule soon. To the public, at least, that schedule revolves chiefly around earthquake relief efforts in Haiti. In fact, some Clinton associates cited the work in Haiti as exacerbating his heart condition. Clinton money man, Terry MacAuliffe, even noted that Clinton’s Haiti work continued right up until the operation:

Democrat colleague Terry McAuliffe said Mr Clinton had participated in a conference call on earthquake relief efforts as he was wheeled into the operating theatre.
We’ll take Terry’s word on that. But, Big Government has learned of at least one other conference call/meeting around this time. A meeting of former Clintonistas and senior Democrat political operatives to coordinate a push-back to the burgeoning tea party movement. Consider it a Democrat party relief effort.

From Bakersfield Tea Party Patriots


"The Contract from America serves as a clarion call for those who recognize the importance of free market principles, limited government, and individual liberty. It is the natural extension of a movement that began in the local communities and quickly spread across America in response to unprecedented government expansion, reckless spending, and a blatant disregard by our leaders of the nation’s founding principles.

During the past several months, hundreds of thousands of Americans have debated thousands of ideas to solve our nation’s most pressing problems. It has been an open process and has provided a genuine opportunity to give voice to a broad cross section of concerned Americans.

Now we enter the next phase; to narrow the list and let America draft the final version of the Contract from America. Click here to vote on your priorities. The final document will be unveiled on Thursday, April 15, 2010. Together, we can and will make a difference."

(Note: link didn't work, but here's a link to the Contract website:

Tea Party Rally at CPAC Tonight (Join on-line, 2)

You're Invited As Our Guest !

Tonight - Friday, February 19th - we will be holding a giant Tea Party Rally at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington, D.C. This is the conservative gathering you've seen on the news today, and Fox News is calling our rally tonight "the big event" on Friday at the Convention.

And don't worry, if you can't join us in person we'll have a live broadcast you can view online. Details below!

COST: FREE! - Please come as our guest!
DATE/TIME: Friday, February 19th :: 5:30PM - 7:30PM
LOCATION: Marriott Wardman Park Hotel - in the Atrium
2660 Woodley Road Northwest, Washington, DC‎

*NOTE: If you can't make it to the rally tonight, fear not, you can watch it live online - again for FREE at our newly unveiled Tea Party Express TV:

Here's what Fox News had to say about tonight's big event:

Please join the Tea Party Express team of conservative speakers, singers, and entertainers for an evening to celebrate our Constitution, Bill of Rights & Declaration of Independence! And we'll make it an energetic and fun evening you won't forget!

All are welcome to join in our CPAC Rally and Reception. We'll be holding a Tea Party rally featuring speakers Congressman Tom Price (R-GA), Conservative radio star Kevin McCullough, Mark Williams, Amy Kremer, William & Selena Owens, and musical performances from Lloyd Marcus, Rivoli Revue, Diana Nagy, special guest Polatik, and much more!

The drinks and appetizers are on us, so please stop by for conservative fun & entertainment! More information can be found - HERE.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

One Year Anniversary of Tea Party Movement in Atlanta 2/27


JOIN US as Georgia Tea Party Patriots, Georgia FreedomWorks, and Tea Party and 9-12 Groups from across Georgia celebrate the One Year Anniversary of the Tea Party Movement on 2/27 at the State Capitol.

THE LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE from Washington, D.C. will be providing our GOTV grassroots training. THE LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE is the premier conservative grassroots training organization in the country, and we are pleased to offer training to you for a fantastic price of only $15 (including lunch.) The training seminar is from 9 AM - 1:30 PM at the old cafeteria room at the Sloppy Floyd Building 20TH floor, on MLK across the street from the State Capitol.

Please RSVP to Julianne

The rally will be at 3 PM at the State Capitol.
Community News You Can Use
Twitter: @gafrontpage
Twitter: @readmylipstick
Twitter: @hhpotterystudio

Friday, February 12, 2010

Coweta Tea Party (GA) has new website!

Check it out!

Citizen Georgia Eggs and Issues/Tea Party Business Network

Saturday, February 20 at 8:15am.

Anthony-Scott says, "We've got a very interesting format to discuss and debate the issues. It would be great to see you again. Hope all has been well."

Citizen Georgia Eggs and Issues/Tea Party Business Network
What: Rally
Start Time: Saturday, February 20 at 8:15am
End Time: Saturday, February 20 at 9:30am
Where: Piccadilly, 536 Cobb Parkway Southeast, Marietta, GA