Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Georgia's Freedom of Choice in Health Care Bill Passes Senate

Georgia Senator Judson Hill was joined by 29 other Senate Republicans last Thursday passing legislation protecting Georgians' rights to choose their own health care. Senator Hill authored Senate Bill 317 and has been working the past year to prohibit any government, state or federal, from forcing its citizens
to participate in any health care system.

Under Senate Bill 317 Georgia's citizens would be protected from being forced by the government to purchase health care. Existing private and government programs would not be affected by this legislation. Hill noted on the Senate floor that this measure prohibits any government from punishing an individual or business that does not participate in health plans, as well as protects health care providers from being forced to perform mandated medical procedures.

"Each person should have the right to participate in private health care, government health care, or exercise their right not to participate any health care at all," said Senator Hill. This bill simply protects those basic rights of choice that we all enjoy today."

On Wednesday, Senator Hill's Senate Resolution that would protect one's freedom to choose their own health care was blocked by Senate Democrats. Senate Resolution 794 would have allowed Georgia citizens to vote in November on adding a Constitutional Amendment to the state Constitution blocking any mandatory requirements for Georgians to buy health insurance. On Thursday, the Georgia Senate voted to keep SR 794 alive by voting to reconsider and sent it back to the Senate Rules Committee.

"While I would have preferred to let Georgians vote in November to change the State Constitution, my Senate Bill 317 which passed by Senate Republicans yesterday will still protect Georgians' right to choose the health care they want," said Senator Hill.

SB 317 now heads to the Georgia House of Representatives for consideration. Please call your State Representative and them to support this important legislation that protects your rights. If this legislation passes the House Georgia will become the 4th state to pass similar legislation.

A message from Asst Natl Dir Mellie to all members of Georgia's 7th congressional district on Patriotic Resistance!

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