Sunday, February 13, 2011

Help needed in support of HB-87 / GA immigration bill

Some of us were at the Georgia Capitol  regarding Representative Matt Ramsey's HB-87 immigration bill at the Judiciary (non-civil) hearing for the bill.

The illegal alien lobby is still out-numbering us on appearances at the Capitol and on phone calls and emails. We really need your help. Please share with your friends and neighbors!

Please call and email the Judiciary (non-civil) Committee. The information is below. The (R) before the name is "Republican" and "D" for "Democrat." (I know you know that, but want to make sure that this format made sense to you.) Save time and just call the Republicans. Some of the members share Admin. Assistants. If you notice a number is repeated, just mention all the names associated with that number and say something like:

"As a Georgia Citizen and voter, I am calling to ask that you please leave a message for ............

(insert representative's name) to please vote YES for Representative Matt Ramsey's bill, HB-87 out of committee for a YES vote on the floor. We want our laws enforced and will be watching. Thank you very much."

This is a very critical "do it or lose it" time for this bill. We REALLY need your help. Do you want the " pro-illegal immigration lobbyists" to win? I know you do NOT! Georgians need those jobs. Please call and email. At the bottom of the page are all the Republican email addresses in proper format to "copy and paste" into the "bcc" part of the email that you send if you want to send to all of the "Honorable Representatives" at one time.

Thank you so much for your activism

Denise M Ognio
Illegal Alien Committee Chair
Fayette Tea Party Patriots

PS, for future reference, go to this link if you want to see the current information for the whole Georgia House for 2011.


GA House of Representatives 2011
Judiciary (non-civil) Committee

Name District Phone EMAIL

® Rich Golick Chairman 34 404-656-5943

® Mark Hatfield Vice Chair 177 404-656-0109

® Charlice Byrd Secretary 20 404-656-0298

® Wendell Willard Ex-Officio 49 404-656-5125

(D) Roberta Abdul-Salaam 74 404-656-0325

(D) Stacey Abrams 84 404-656-0224

® Alex Atwood 179 404-656-0152

(D) Stephanie Stuckey-Benfield 85 404-656-7859

® Doug Collins 27 404.651.7737

® Christian Coomer 14 404.656.0109

® Sharon Cooper 41 404.656.5069

® Bobby Franklin 43 404.656.0152

(D) Yasmin Neal 75 404.656.0265

® BJ Pak 102 404.656.0254

® Matt Ramsey 72 404.656.7146

(D) Nikki Randall 138 404.656.0109

® Ed Setzler 35 404.656.0177

These are the Republican committee members. Copy and paste into "bcc" part of email to “Dear Honorable Representative on the Judiciary (non-civil) Committee”;;;;;;;;;;;

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